Email redirection

Setting up the Email redirection was really straight forward and I was pleased with the way it works. Sadly though no forwarding seems to actually happen.

All of the settings were done and the dashboard shows it as working and active but no mails to the redirector I put int there seem to arrive with me. not sure if this is because the service is not forwarding it or my mailbox is rejecting it. Nothing is appearing in Spam so its not that.

Any ideas?

Are u sure you completed the set-up ?

Pretty sure, everything in the dashboard is green. The redirect addresses are there and green.

Ok , But i cant help you regarding this anymore and adding email tag will get your post more views

Correction, Iā€™m an idiot.

It was all setup however I had managed to forward to another forwarded domain rather than my correct email address so I think I am the fly in the ointment. Have changed it to the correct external address and now it works.

Who knew! Sorry for being a dumbarse!


No Problem