Email received saying that an unknown IP address has tried gaining access

I received an email see attached screenshots.

I no longer use Cloudflare but just wanted to check to see if i should be concerned

Hi @kevincoopwebdevelope sorry for the issues. It may be worth removing your unused account here, I cannot detect any changes to your dash from that login, but it does not hurt to remove unused accounts.

I’ve just tried deleting the account but get this message

Sorry for the issues with that. I suspect we’re going to need Support to assist with that error.

Before that, you may want to change your password and API tokens, just to keep the account locked down until Support can assist.

Can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here,

One thing that may be worth trying in the account deletion process, is to change to a password with only alphanumerics. I had a Cloudflare account that wouldn’t delete, and while I have no idea why I removed non-alphanumeric characters from its password, that let me delete it.

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