Email protected is shown within drop downs

Please have a look here:

Within the dropdowns email addresses are usually being shown, but Cloudflare obviously can’t handle it within dropdowns. The email-addresses are being shown correctly if it’s placed outside of a dropdown.

Is it possible to fix that?

Thanks for you reply


Sorry to hear you are having issues. So currently when Cloudflare proxy is enabled these email addresses do not show up?

With the proxy enabled. Are you able to see those email addresses appear if you enable “development mode”

If you are able to see them with “development mode enabled” it seems one of our optimization features is causing issues. If you have “rocket loader” enabled this can cause issues. I would try to disable that first if the issue is not present in “development mode” and “rocket loader” is enabled.

You can also just work down the list disabling/enabling the options located under speed menur as well. To see which optimization feature may be causing the issue.

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