[email protected] is shown for every email-adress

On my site every email-adress is shown like this “Mail: [email protected]” with a link to http://…com/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#3241465356465f53405957465b5c5572405b5c46575e5c1c5657

The text on the linked site says “The website from which you got to this page is protected by Cloudflare. Email addresses on that page have been hidden in order to keep them from being accessed by malicious bots. You must enable Javascript in your browser in order to decode the e-mail address.”

In different browsers i have the same problem and js is of cause enabled. Is it a a general problem?

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I had the same issue on one of my sites, so I disabled Email Address Obfuscation in the Scrape Shield section of my Cloudflare account.

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Thx, a simple fix :slight_smile:

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