Email Problem after connect with cloudflare

Hi everyone.

I have problem receiving email. As i ve read in very helpfull posts, i had to unproxy the mail dns. I ve done it as almost everything was ok from cloudflare. I checked the DNS IP with my provider and are correct, but still cant receive mails.

Am i doing something wrong? Or am i missing something?

Your MX record points to mail2, which is DNS-Only, so that’s good. But you have a CNAME for ‘mail’ that points to the root domain with is set to :orange:.

What are you seeing that shows you’re not receiving email?

Hi sdayman, thank you for the quick reply. I m trying to setup the account in outlook, and in hubspot CRM and it cant connect to receive mail.

I noticed what you said, but as this was the cloudflare configuration i m afraid to change them.
(I made some tests, i tries to make CNAME mail2, A mail but it dowsnt allow the chabges).

CNAME mail is unproxy too

As i read i need a A mail unproxy but it doesnt allow to create it, only probably if i delete CNAME mail. I dont know if its safe to do it. I will apriciate any further help

Even though your ‘mail’ CNAME isn’t proxied, it points to a hostname that is proxied, so that won’t work well.

Since it looks like you’re using mail2, then all your mail apps should use mail2 to send and
receive email.

What I would do on my site is delete any mail2 references, and delete that ‘mail’ CNAME. Then add an “A” record for ‘mail’ with the IP address of the server, and make sure it’s set to :grey:. I would use only one MX record, and point it to mail instead of mail1. Then make sure all my mail apps use the ‘mail’ hostname to send and receive email.

So you suggest to delete A mail2 and CNAME mail
I dodnt get the MX part, what you suggest to delete? The one

Is there anything else i need to do? I left time passed to have cloudflare take the changes but still noto working

Ok, after trying many things i managed get my emails with the above settings BUT only with no SSL settings. So there should be a SSL solution right?

An SSL solution for email has to be handled at the Email host, as that traffic is not going through Cloudflare.

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