Email PDF corrupted

Anytime I send an email with a PDF, it ends up getting corrupted. Please help me out thanks.

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Cloudflare does not provide the ability to send outbound email. You will want to discuss this with your email provider.

But when I pause Cloudflare on my website, the PDF works fine. Is this my email provider’s issue?

In that case, how do you obtain the PDF file to attach to the email? Is it by requesting the file from a Cloudflare proxied URL rather than reading a local file on your origin? If so, maybe you have a Cloudflare challange, block page or error page being returned before the real PDF file contents are downloaded into your script that sends the email.

The PDF file is uploaded from my local computer to my Webmail. Is there a way to fix this?

So you are running your own webmail server and that is proxied by Cloudflare? It’s not actually an email issue?

If so, we had a similar problem running a private application that generated PDFs in the browser. I recall one of the Cloudflare managed rules was the issue so we skipped it in the WAF for the specific URIs. I forget which rule it was right now.

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I’ll work on this and keep you updated. Thanks alot

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