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Hello, im from lws, and i want know how to know my id and pass for my email adress in Cloudflare.


Sorry, the Community can’t tell you what those are. If you have a Cloudflare account, you might want to check through your email for Cloudflare communication to confirm the email address.

I have one email box at LWS but now im in Cloudflare and i can’t look and send email because i don’t know what’s my new id and pass.

Have you one link for have a my ID of my email adress.

Cloudflare does not host your email and can not help with your email account ID or password. You would have to ask LWS for help.

It is also possible that you just can’t connect to your mail server. What’s the domain?

And here is some information on Cloudflare settings for email servers:

my domaine is

That domain has no MX record for receiving email. Here is some information on setting up mail servers in DNS:

for mx i have add

The MX record you just added isn’t going to work. You need two DNS records:


(change the 123… IP address to the actual IP address of your mail server)

EDIT: Judging from your screenshot, it looks like you already have an SMTP server. What is that server’s hostname?

thank you but what’s IP i must add, my email it’s on i don’t know a ip

HIDE message

My smtp hostname is

It looks like the mail server doesn’t use a hostname from your domain. You’re going to have to check with LWS what your proper mail server DNS records should be. Same for your mail app settings.

I thionk i have finish look :

Thank you i have finish and it’s work

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