Email Panic

I followed Option 1 of this video to setup email. unfortunately i cannot send or receive email after migrating dns to cloudflare.
[well, i am not allowed to include links]

to be clear, i host my own email server on my ip address for my domain.

my cloudflare dns is as follows
Type: MX
TTL: Auto
Proxy Status: DNS only

I have an A record for my domain and i can reach my website.

Any suggestions?

I am also in the exact same situation, starting to regret the whole thing now.

my email just started working.

the way i fixed it was to change my CNAME entry for my mail server to DNS only by clicking on the orange cloud to make it grey. after a couple of minutes or so - maybe a bit longer - email started flowing again

to be more precise, i had a CNAME record which was imported from my original DNS. so i changed it to be DNS only.

I also added the MX record above as i described. so i made 2 changes.

the video recommends creating an A record with the same contents as my CNAME, but it appears that either way works. since my email is working, i am not playing with it.

in essence, i followed option 2 of the video. someone else today had problems with option 1.

What do you have under your DNS management? I went and added a bunch of things and probably worsened it

i have two records: 1. MX 2. CNAME (the video says to create an A record)

the mx record is exactly what i stated in my opening post.

the cname record is as follows
Type: CNAME (video says to use A record but as stated this works for me)
Name: mail
TTL: Auto
Proxy Status: DNS Only

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Thank you!

MX record should point to a hostname (record A mail) that is set to :grey:. In case if you need more assistance according your issue, kindly write your actual domain name / website.

About A mail and MX record, see here:

Your MX record (Name: should point to a mail server (Content: And you should have a :grey: “A” record for ‘mail’ with the IP address of your server. Your host should already have this set up for you, as many mail clients prefer to connect to a mail subdomain for sending and receiving email.

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