Email outgoing issue

Once I added my website to cloudflare I can’t send emails from my server. I added the spf, dkim amd as for the mx I keep getting errors when trying to save it on cloudflare. Code 1004.

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Yes I’ve done that. I entered the Mx record exactly how knownhost told me to.

I am not seeing what you show when I look up your MX. I show that you are using a :orange: proxied hostname. This causes Cloudflare to create a synthetic hostname that begins with _dc-mx ends with disappointment.

Can you check your assigned Cloudflare nameservers further down that page and confirm that they are the same two that I am seeing?

You will also want to make sure that your email apps are configure to use the mail hostname that you show in your MX and not your apex name.

Yes that’s what I see too. I don’t know that means. I’m a complete novice when it comes to this.

Make sure that your mail hostname is not set to :orange:. It needs to be :grey: DNS Only.

I changed it and now I’m seeing this.

You are almost there. CNAMEs are not valid for use in MX records. Delete the CNAME of mail and replace it with an A record that uses the same IP and is :grey: DNS Only.

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I just did that and it says that the record already exists.

You need to delete the existing record first and then replace it with an A record.

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That was the first thing that I did. Deleted it and then added.

Deleted cname mail. Added A record and then it says it exists. Can’t put all 3 images in one post so Imreplying 3 times.

Adding A record

Record already exists it says.

If the record you want to create is called mail you should be entering mail for the name, not @.

So in other words it would be:
Ip address
Proxy status dns only…

If that’s what I’m supposed to enter I’m getting that red triangle at the beginning of that record.

Yes if your mail server is on the same host as your website/origin server that is going to be true. It’s informational

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And you always will as long as you run non-HTTP services on the same host as your web server. The triangle is there to bring your attention to the informative message. That is all. If you want it to go away, you have to run your email on a different server than your website. Otherwise you can celebrate your now working email and resume more fulfilling pursuits, like how awesome some parts of the 80s were.
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I just tried sending an email but got an error message that the server rejected the recipients addresses.

I tried sending an email to my gmail to test.

Your SPF record is programmed to self-destruct. You told it to include itself which will put it into an infinite loop rendering it inoperative.

Thankfully, you can fix it relatively easily.

Remove the the section that starts with include: all the way up to and including the space after the domain name that you are including.