Email only works on some platforms after DNS tuning

First time Cloudflare user here. I have recently set up cloudflare for my company’s website. Everything was going well until we began to realize that no one was getting emails. After checking some community posts we fine-tuned our dns settings.
We got our emails to work on our smartphones (Blackberry Hub on Android), but on our computers (thunderbird) it does not work. Is this a cloudflare issue or a thunderbird one. Thunderbird still works on Gmail and Outlook accounts.
Can anyone help us please?

Thanks in advance

To make mail work, make the CNAME “gray” cloud instad of current “orange” from the attached screenshot.

Even better, remove CNAME mail and create A record that points to the right IP address of the mail server/hosting account.

Also make the FTP record “gray” instad of “orange”.

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This is the way.


It seems your solutions worked. Thanks a lot!
PS: Btw, I assumed the new A record was also supposed to be gray.


Yes, right assumption.
The A record for mail sub-domain should be gray colored :slight_smile:

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