Email only domains for aliases pointing to gmail accounts

We have 2 domains ( & which my wife & I ONLY use for personal email use (no web sites) now as we are retired.

Currently we are with 1&1 but have commenced transferring to Cloudflare (Wave 7). On the 1&1 control panel, these domains are aliases that point to gmail accounts.

Our annual renewal is 1 December and don’t want to renew with 1&1.

Can I please have advice about the transfer and any other suggestions / general pointers. I can’t seem to find any help that fits our usage.

Right now saying anything in this regard is difficult as Cloudflare hasnt started operating (publicly) as registrar. Wave 7 is quite late and might be tight if your renewal is in a month. Furthermore Cloudflare does not support .uk right now.

I’d consider transferring somewhere else if you dont want to renew with your current registrar. Next year Cloudflare should be operational and might support .uk, so you could still transfer to Cloudflare at that point.

Just to confirm re .uk, not .uk but &

Both are marked as ACTIVE and ORDERED & DEPLOYED (October 26)

I understood :slight_smile: but I was referring to .uk in general.

I am decidedly NOT an expert on such matters.

I relied on this June 2014 article which says

As of now, Cloudflare users can set up .uk domain names with Cloudflare in the usual way through their accounts, from within the My websites section.

That article is correct, but only refers to support of adding such domains to Cloudflare’s core service, not the registrar bit.

Right now Cloudflare only supports TLDs listed at, however only for accounts which have the registrar functionality already enabled, which only applies to internal test accounts at the moment. .uk is not on that list yet, though I’d assume it will be eventually supported in the future, but I wouldnt bet on either of both happening before you have to renew.

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Thanks for your help. Not being that knowledgeable, I just assumed that it was OK. Especially as it accepted my application, WITHOUT FLAGGING the issue.

What will happen when my WAVE7 application reaches the top of the application pile? Do I need to cancel anything? Should I be resetting my name servers? Do I even know the questions I should be asking?

In case you hadn’t noticed, I barely know what I’m doing…

Well, there is no problem with your application and once the feature is enabled for your account you will be able to transfer any supported domain.

You will be able to transfer domains of supported TLDs - and eventually also register such domains.


No need, though just for email use Cloudflare might be a bit of an overkill, as you can basically only use its DNS part, which probably does not give you that much more than you registrar.

Depends on what you want to know :slight_smile:

No worries, I am like that most of the time :smile:

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The basic question might be what is your reason to want to use Cloudflare?

Reduce high registration costs, increased functionality

Increase of what functionality? You are only using it for email, right?

As for pricing, Cloudflare states it will charge the net price for all domains, so it shouldnt get any cheaper than that, but that is of little use of course if they dont support .uk, respectively there are other (more or less) equally cheap registrars too. How much are you paying for the domain right now (excluding any other services)?


Email Only
Functionality. Filtering, redirecting etc

OVH seems to be among the cheapest registrars for your domains at six and four pounds for a registration and renewal respectively.

Cloudflare does not offer any of that for email right now.

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