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hi .i am new toc lcoudflare.i eventriedall method suggested here.but i still dont recieve email.i can the screenshot.any help would be appreciated

You have set MX records for both your own mail server and have enabled Cloudflare’s email routing.

I assume you want to use your own mail server so disable email routing and set the subdomains mail and smtpmail to “DNS only” instead of “Proxied”. Make sure the SPF record for Cloudflare is also removed when you disable email routing keeping only the one for your own server.

thanks for therespond .will try and report back.thank you

You also haven’t set your nameservers to the 2 allocated ones yet. Make sure to do that when your Cloudflare DNS is configured correctly…

hi there apprentlt is still the same if it possbile to tell me where did i do wrong?

A few things…

You have deleted the wrong SPF record. You need to remove the Cloudflare one and add back the one with your server’s IP address in it.

You also have a DKIM record under Delete that, the one under default._domainkey is the correct one.

Your MX record is for mail. If your email is to [email protected] then your MX record should be for @ ( If you use mail at [email protected] then it is ok.

hello there.
i have corrected the record.kindly please let me know if there is any error

You have renamed default._domainkey to domainkey - that’s wrong. Put it back.

Other than that I think it’s ok.

thanks.i have recorrected it…but forsome reasoni am recieving mail.but now recieving mail is there any setting i need to change

If email is arriving, your DNS is correct. As Cloudflare doesn’t handle your email, you’ll need to check your server if you have any performance issues.

thanks for the respond.troubleshoot completed.thanks again

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