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Forgive my rampant ignorance, but I’m not seeing how to edit this issue. My email is on [Horribly eroded service since a change of ownership] though the website is hosted elsewhere. Machighway just migrated to new servers and my email went offline. When I asked them about it, the attached email was received.

I asked them if this wasn’t something they should do, but no reply, of course.

Is this fix done via CloudFlare, as Machighway asserts? How?

Daniel Charles Ross
[email protected]

There are a few things we need to clarify. For starters, I am not sure why they posted nameservers in their response, but while your domain is currently also configured on an account with these nameservers, it’s not where it is currently active.

Right now the domain is configured for cosmin and paityn. Are these the nameservers assigned to your account? If so, we can ignore their response (in that regard) altogether.

As for your MX record, that inactive account actually has that 199 address configured, however that is not in effect and the active configuration does have the 64 address configured, however on top of that also two addresses. I presume the latter is not correct and also why you only get partially emails.

Thanks for your note, Sandro.

I was able to ham-hand my way into a Cloudflare setup after considerable web searching, and the FastMail instructions ended up being successful once the Cloudflare entries were properly made. The busted email seems to be functioning well at present.

I’m a words guy, so all of this mostly eludes me. My method is trial and error: It’s atrial to work through, and most of it is in error.

Thanx again for the reply.


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