Email OFFLINE - Unable to delete MX records generated by Cloudflare - can’t disable email routing

I had enabled email routing and I am now trying to disable it. When I edit (so I can delete) the MX records for Cloudflare, I get “This record was generated by Cloudflare. It can be removed by disabling Email Routing on your domain” but when I click that link, it takes me to a page where the main section is blank.

When I go to Email Routing, it shows me this:
Email Routing is currently disabled and not routing emails.

Configuration summary

Custom addresses 3
Destination addresses 3
Routing status Disabled
DNS records
Email DNS records misconfigured

How am I supposed to fix the DNS records when it won’t let me delete them?

What do you see if you go here: Email Routing → Settings. You should see a “Start Disabling” or something like that button, where you can unlock those records. A Screenshot would be helpful if you don’t see that.


Well, I feel like a complete idiot. I had assumed that “start disabling” was only going to allow me to remove non-Cloudflare records.

Thank you, Chaika. That resolved my issue.


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