Email obfuscation doesn't work - [email protected] doesn't show

Hi Community,

I have just added my main website to cloudflare and can’t manage to have the email addresses indicated on the site protected/ obfuscated. What did I do wrong/ what did I miss…?

  • I have checked in the main site’s browser’s view-source option - the email address is still shown as before (it’s in the footer of the page) both on the website and in the page source. The email address is written in href. So no change here since the adding to cloudflare.
  • Also, I would have liked to have the email addresses on the sub-domain (contact site: /contact) protected, is there a way to do so? Also here, no sign of any protection in place…

Thank you so much for your support!

Cheers, Veronika

Can you post the link in question?

Is the email-decode.min.js file being appended?

the domain is

I’m all new to cloudflare and went through the different descriptions and tutorials - I did not append any js files or so… I guess, I should have…??! :woman_facepalming: :woman_shrugging:
If so, can you provide me any information on this…? Thanks a million for your support

The addresses in the footer actually get properly encoded. The issue is your email button/link and that is because you have a blank in front of “mailto:”. Remove that blank and while at it you can also remove the second blank after the colon (even though that shouldnt stop the encoder).

@cloonan, I believe the email encoder could do with a String.trim() :slight_smile:


That is awesome, thank you so much!!
Everything seems to be working perfectly now :slight_smile:

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