Email not working when DNS record "www" has orange-cloud icon

My domain is hosted at
I switched DNS to Cloudflare for months but I never managed to get email work well.

When www record has grey icon (no HTTP proxy), it works. When it has an orange icon, no email…

What happens?

That shouldn’t happen. Does email bounce back to senders? Does your mail client connect to the mail server?

imap and pop should definitely be :grey:

My assumption would be the www host is entered as POP3/SMTP host, though it points to a different IP than the traditional mail hosts, but then we have three addresses in play here.

Seem to be solved for now.
I have deleted A record “www” pointing to the same IP address as my domain (
then I created a CNAME record “www” pointing to Putting an orange cloud to it and to A record “” let emails work correctly (see below).
Not sure to understand why it works now, but it’s solved.
Thanks for your answers

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