Email not working still

So i have done what all the instructions have said todo.
mail.domain A address
domain mx

I made sure the mail.domain was pointed to the proper ip address of the mail server and then i made sure the mx was handled via

After all this i still have issues with inbound email. Is there anything else im missing or can try?

Thank you all isn’t set to :orange:, is it?

What happens when someone tries to send mail? Does it bounce, or just disappear?

You can also give a try. Enter your domain name, let it do a lookup, then click the green Find Problems button or the SMTP Test link next to your mail server.

If you’d like more help, post your domain name.

No i made sure the cloud was grey. Also it seems they are just dissapearing.
I might have it narrowed down to rDNS on my servers end as a problem too.

Going to disable Cloudflare entirely for a few see if it starts working again of it it keeps producing errors.
As for the mxtoolbox lookups its returning no dns and then sometimes it returns a record of the which is weird.

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Another fun SMTP tool is: SMTP Test / Mail Server Test • Wormly Monitoring

You can watch the email connection in realtime.

I’ve also discovered my reverse dns from my host was set to my hostname of my server.
Arnt those suppose to be for example ?

If I do a ‘host’ lookup for my IP address, I get the reverse IP address notation, then it tells me its a pointer to my hostname: domain name pointer

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