Email not working since implementing cloudflare. hostgator is my email server

email is getting delivered to the webmailbox on hostgator but no longer makes it to my outlook inbox.
Implementing hostgator was my only change. [email protected]

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. There is nothing obvious in your DNS that should cause an issue. You will need to check your Outlook account settings to make sure that it is using the right hostname.

Unrelated to whatever is affecting your Outlook, your SPF is invalid. You need to lose the as it contains 9 DNS lookups. Your record has 12.10 DNS lookups is the most that are allowed. You can also lose the +a as your domain is :orange: proxied and Cloudflare proxy will never be the source of any domain email.

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That’s awesome! Thanks for the tips. I will address these items this week.

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