Email not working help

I am trying to redirect my email to outlook but it is not working . I contacted the hosting company and they directed me to cloud flare. When I try to log on to outlook it keeps saying “server timed out”. They suggested the MX record but that isnt the issue, ive changed other records in the DNS and still the same thing and it has kicked people off outlook and only a few can access their email.

help please

Mail server records need to be set to :grey:.


Email Issues

Have you tried following @sdayman’s advice?

yes I have

If you’re positive the clients are connecting to a :grey: server, then you’ll have to contact your mail host to find out what’s going on with your mail connection.

I did connect with my hosting company and it still no change. They gave me the same instructions and Im following it to a T. The emails are logging off and im being kicked off of outlook. I can take another look but im sure that i followed the video and my hosting company directions

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