Email not working from cloudflare


I want to login on my other account but i forgot my password and I clicked reset password but I never got a e-mail

If I understand correctly, you forgot your Cloudflare password but not receiving the Cloudflare reset email?

Make sure it hasn’t been flagged as spam, trash etc with your email provider and your accessing via the correct email address. Other than that we cannot assist on the community forum and I suggest you contact Cloudflare for further assistance.

Yea its not in my spam box and not in my trash i just can’t find it so thnx for helping me to this point i’m gonna contact CloudFlare support

Hi @myron1 can you email support AT cloudflare DOT com and share the ticket number here?

Email from the account you want to access and cc the account address you are using here.

Once you are able to login, navigate to My Profile and change the Communication Preferences. For example, the account you are using here is opted out of receiving emails, Cloudflare may not send me emails.

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