Email not working and DNS configuration

Hello! I use the email spaceportsweden but my emails are not longer coming through to me. I am wondering if Cloudflare is handling our DNS for spaceportsweden please? Has there been a change or update that I need to apply? Thank you kindly. Karin

If you with spaceportsweden, are trying to refer to the .com domain,, then that domain name does not have any MX records.

When sending mails to a domain name that does not hold any MX records, the email deliveries will fall back to attempt to use the actual A/AAAA records of your the domain. As you do have the domain’s DNS record Proxied (:orange:), the A/AAAA records that the public see for your domain, is going to be the IP addresses of the Cloudflare Proxies, and those can only serve HTTP traffic for your website, and not email traffic.

That’s the reason why email deliveries to addresses is failing right now.

You will need to contact your email hosting provider, and ask them for the list of MX records that they want you to use, and then add them accordingly.


Ah, will try that! Thank you for your help! Much appreciated!
All the best,

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