Email not working after migration to Cloudflare

I recently migrated the domain to Cloudflare registration and DNS (from Namecheap). Now I am no longer receiving email at that domain. I thought I followed the instructions for email setup correctly - screenshot follows. But no joy :frowning:

When I do NSLOOKUP for another domain I host on the same server (not yet migrated to Cloudflare) I get this:

$ nslookup
> set q=mx
Non-authoritative answer:	mail exchanger = 10

But when I try the same on the domain I moved to Cloudflare I get this:

$ nslookup
> set q=mx
Non-authoritative answer:
*** Can't find No answer

How do I fix this?

Your MX record looks like it points to an IP address. It should point to a hostname.

Thanks for this suggestion. I have changed the MX record as follows, but email is still not making a connection.

This is what I see when I try to telnet:

$ telnet 25
Trying 2606:4700:30::6812:2847...
[ crickets ]

The result I’d hope to see is more like (another domain on same server):

$ telnet 25
Connected to

Any further thoughts? isn’t going to respond to Port 25, as that’s a webserver hostname. It’s also not what MX records point to. Try Port 25 on

Thanks @ sdayman! :pray: Working now.

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