#Email not working after installing CloudFlare plugin on my website (WP) :DNS Websever domain problem

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Hi @sdayman, thank you for your support !,
I’ve just changed based on your tutorial and option no.4 (the A record to be set to the “cloud”).
Still, as I have modified some values and created new records, I would like to know if you can see some strange records or values that probably I have changed by mistake ?
Here is the DNS screen shot record.
cheers again

imap, pop, and smtp also need to be set to :grey:.

Get rid of that first MX record that points to your domain name, because that’s your website and it’s set to :orange:. Only use the MX that points to your mail subdomain.

Hi @sdayman !
I just got rid of the Mx record and changed the imap,pop & smtp to :cloud: and seems to be my email is working properly ! Thanks for your help.
Bests !

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