Email not verified but not getting email

i got the Same Problem with our Mail. i opened a Ticket with Case Nr: 2433063.

Hi @user78615,

Please wait for @cloonan I am sure he will be able to fix your issue !

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Your email was not verified, I sent a verification email, lmk if you received it and are able to login.


Hi @cloonan ,

thanks for your fast response. The e-mail unfortunately did not arrive.

I looked in our mail tracing, but there is no mail arrived.

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Sorry about that, I do see the bounced email and have removed the address from the block list. I also sent another verification email, lmk if it works out better this time!

Hi @cloonan ,

Sorry for the Late response. After an new Trigger in the Cloudflare Dashboard the E-Mail arrives.

Thanks for your Support. :slight_smile:

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