Email not sent

I set my site on cloudflare but email are not working some times.
How can i fix that problem ?

That’s more difficult to diagnose.

Please be more specific. Can’t send? Mail not arriving? Can’t receive?

Here are some suggestions:

sir doesn’t what is actually going on!
sometime the mail is going and sometime is not… Please help

In this , the mail is not going on the other server but easily going to on the same server mail account, plzzz help us

If your mail apps are set to connect to your ‘mail’ subdomain, that’s all you can do. That host is responding to email requests, but it’s very slow.

As this is a direct connection to your mail server, you will need to contact your mail host to solve this problem.

Sir, when i send the mail from our server to gmail server then they donot send to gmail server.
Can you help us?

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