Email not receiving mail sent

A Custom email has been created on Godaddy using Microsoft office 365 and DNS record has been added according on Cloudflare.
I am able to send emails to other domains, but am not able to receive email or email responses from the recipients.

What’s the domain?

This is surprising. Your SPF record is currently configured to indicate email sent from GoDaddy an not Microsoft is authentic.

While your MX record appears valid, it actually is not. The hostname does not exist. You will need to confirm details in your Microsoft 365 tenantand update your DNS. You may find this Microsoft tool useful: Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer

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Thank you so very much. I will check that out now and revert.

Now, I can receive email but sending emails on Outlook and webmail fails

Cloudflare doesn’t provide enail and nothing you can configure in your Cloudflare account can prevent you from sending email. Your best option is to contact your email service provider for assistance.

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