Email not received no matter what

I message you back.
Thanks again for trying to help me.

I’ll get back to you there. :slight_smile:

It sucks when you’re looking around, finding a thread that appears to have same issue as you’ve just experienced, but no solution has posted…

So, -

Looking at the previously posted link above:

Under “Routing to Email Providers with Custom Domains”:

This setting had somehow been incorrectly set to “Remote”, which caused the domain name to exist, but not be active in the “Local” installation.

Besides the information as shown in the above screenshot, there was no other indication(s) that the domain was actuallyinactive”, which could maybe be improved by the maintainers of the CWP7pro 7 Control Webpanel, e.g. by improving the visibility of the fact in the email administration, that “Email for this domain is handled by other services”.

Switching the setting to “Local” changed and populated the database with the new information, and made the “Local” installation start taking up emails instantly as expected.