EMail not going through my server and GMail server after setting up CF

After creating CF DNS the EMails is not passing Google servers or my servers although I set up all the MX, TXT and A records correct.

I have a Plesk shared hosting server, the hosting and email are on the same server and at the moment Plesk is not having CF on it since last year so when stop my server and move over to another and CF is not available so I have to go directly to CF and create all domains in it.

All tutorials and help in CF and Google are not giving any working solution or workaround so that POP3, MAIL, SMTP, and WEBMAIL can work.

I deleted my domains and use my other DNS provider at the moment until I have an aswer.

Any suggestion, please?


What’s the domain?,, and is the domains I added, but I delete it from CF because I use it to receive customers emails 24/7. is still in CF but the email is not set up at the moment on mail client so that I can know if there is any errors.

I’m an ISP so if mails is not working I get bombard with phone calls.

stilnetworks looks good. It has an MX record that points to a :grey: DNS Only hostname that responds to SMTP connections on Port 25 at infinityconnect.

Yes, sdayman, it will work to it that way because that is where our spam filters is set up.

I’m going to add again now, but it will show that everything is correct, but will not go through the mail servers at Google or at infinity.

Are you talking about inbound, or outbound mail? And what error message(s) are you seeing?

It is incoming mail. Google just send email me with this temporary delivering problem it will try for another 54 hours.

It sounds like your mail host isn’t letting Gmail connect. But other hosts can send you email? Can you receive email at the stilnetworks domain?

Like I say, stilnetworks is not set up on a mail client, it is another customer’s domain.

Look at my previous post, I add all images as I added again. I forward the email that CF send to met to [email protected] and it does go out but it is not passing the Google servers to my server, it is if it is not sent at all.

Up to now since I send an email to [email protected] it did go to the server.

I’m deleting from CF because mails are not going to our mail server from Google for some unknown reason.

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