Email not getting thru

The MX record I now have is like this:
name content proxy status mail DNS only

mail is a CNAME which points to my domain correctly. And I can access my web site
When I try and set up a new Postbox account it cannot access my email info.
The hosting service said I should have in the MX content record - but then Cloudflare says that expose my IP

Does it take a long time for the email info to go thru the net? Very stuck… HELP! :slight_smile:

Your MX record points to a 198 address. Is that the correct IP address of your SMTP server? If it is, then your MX setup is correct and if mails dont arrive you need to talk to your mail host.

Or are you actually not complaining about emails not arriving (as your title indicates) but rather about being unable to fetch your emails? In that case -> Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare. You would have found that if you had use the search :wink:

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