Email not getting through

I had posted previously about this, but still having issues.
Our domain host had put our domain in “holding” status after our annual renewal. Not sure why, but we fixed it quickly after finding out. Our domain never stopped working, however, it did send out signals to all our email recipients that we were apparently blocklisted as being spammers.

We have corrected this error with the domain host, and all of our anti-spam test are coming back clear.

However, the domains that we send to are still not recognizing our domain as “safe” after almost 3 weeks.

Being that some of these email servers are huge (icloud, huge Fortune 500 companies), it’s nearly impossible to get through to the right dept to have them all re-run our integrity checks to get off the blocklist. Besides, we still don’t fully understand the scope of the issue.

Is there anything that Cloudflare can do to “blast” the net with info that says we are safe? I feel that there’s something that can be done on a global scale without having to reach out to all of these individual domains.

Any advice or fixes would be greatly appreciated.

If you are already following best practices, there isn’t anything that Cloudflare can do.

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Thank you !! Any advice to a novice in this area to fix the issue? Or am I just at the mercy of reaching out to each of the refusing domains?

Subscribe to a good DMARC monitoring service and set up alerts so that you don’t find out about problems after they have escalated.

Pretty much. Sometimes the NDR may give you an indication of something else that you can fix. It’s a lot easier to get into a blocklist than it is to get out of one. Preventative measures are always the best strategy.

With all due respect, that’s not helpful. I’m already in the problem and I’m asking for any advice on how to fix other than reaching out to others. If you don’t have anything constructive to add other than a snarky response, please move on.

I can assure you that there was nothing snarky in my response.

Had I known my suggestions, which you explicitly requested, would illicit such indignation, I would not have donated my time and expertise in an effort to help you. Maybe someone else will provide you with answers more to your liking, but I wouldn’t count on it.

I will disappoint you with one unsolicited final suggestion: if email delivery is important to your business, you should make it a budgetary priority to engage with professional consultants that specialize in that area. It is more effective then berating those that you solicted for free advice when you don’t like their answers.

I appreciate your donated time. I was taken back by your response to my request to “FIX” an issue that is already in place with a solution that would have been proactive. It felt “snarky” to me because it came across as you rubbing my nose in the fact that I now have a problem to fix by not being preventative. That’s not helpful, other than to solve a future problem. My apologies if I misinterpreted, but it was pretty clear to me.

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