Email not delivered in Gmail

Hello,After submitting a form in wordpress an email is sent to the user.(I user wp mail smtp, with Google/Gmail as the mailer)The email is sent to outlook or hotmail correctly.
When the receiver is a gmail address the email is not sent at all(nor in spam)
Should i add any DNS in Cloudflare in order for the emails to be delivered?

PS: The test email from wp mail smtp is delivered properly to all addresses.

The DNS records that determine which addresses are allowed to send emails using your domain name are:

DKIM (this is the signature used by your email server)
SPF (which addresses are allowed to send emails using your domain)
DMARC (the policy applied whenever DKIM and SPF fails)

You should contact your hosting company to ask them what DNS records you should use. Mention you’re using Cloudflare.

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