Email not being delivered since moving registration to Cloudflard

I recently switched my domain registration from GoDaddy to Cloudflare. Since that switch my domain email address is being blocked for most email that I try to send. Mail sent from is only occasionally delivered. Sometimes the message ends up in the junk folder but most of the time it just disappears.

My site is hosted at Hostgator. I have attempted to resolve the problem using their technical support without success. I have loaded the DNS values recommended by Hostgator to my Cloudflare account but the problem remains. The support folks at Hostgator are trying but after multiple attempts to resolve this issue it is clear that these folks are not up to the task. I have not found a way to actually speak to a human at Cloudflare so I am hopeful that someone in this community can point me in the right direction.

At this point, I am desperate to resolve this issue and will accept any help that I can get. Ideally I would like to continue using the Cloudflare mail servers but if a fix cannot be found, plan B would be to move the mail servers back to Hostgator.

Can this be done? If so, how?


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with receiving and/or sending e-mails while using Coudflare for your domain name.

Are you talking about Cloudflare Email Routing feature and want to send emails using this? In short answer, unfortunately currently this is not possible.

Please let me explain a bit more in detail about this feature as follows from below:

Cloudflare free Email Forwarding feature allows you to create personalized email addresses for your domain name and forward emails to other email addresses of your choice.

Cloudflare Email Routing (beta) is an email forwarding service that does not allow creating fully-featured email accounts and send outgoing emails from [email protected] , since it’s a virtual email address. You may consider some 3rd-party Email service provider, which allows creating such an email account to send e-mails within your domain name [email protected] .

Here’s how to get started:

Kindly, see below suggestions and tips for troubleshooting.

Usually, the MX record should point to a hostname such as mail , and the A (or CNAME ) type record for that hostname should be set to :grey: (DNS Only).

Furthermore, if you recently moved your domain to your Cloudflare account, I could try to troubleshoot at first sight without knowing anything other as it could be related to either:

  1. Wrongly setup e-mail related DNS records at the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name
  2. Possibly missing some TXT/CNAME records (for SPF, DKIM, DMARC if so?)
  3. You are using a hostname like which is :orange: (proxied) rather than the unproxied :grey: (DNS-only) like (possible this one not existing or is :orange: instead of being :grey:) at the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard, in your e-mail client for sending/receiving server (MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.)

May I suggest checking below article if your e-mail records (usually the A mail and the MX record) are configured properly while you are using Cloudflare for your domain name:

I would also recommend looking into the below article due to further prevention of your e-mails being marked as a SPAM at the recipient’s side:

Nevertheless, using online tools on the links below you could test and troubleshoot more what is going on with your e-mails:

Otherwise, you might have to troubleshoot if the port like 110/143/993/995 and 25/465/587 is open at your Hostgator hosting and contact Hostgator to check this for you. If they are not open, then I am afraid you may not be able to receive any emails from using that web hosting/email provider.

I am not using Cloudflare’s email service. The name servers and DNS settings are provided by Cloudflare but the mail is associated with my domain.

Thank you for feedback information.

Could you share a screenshot of your DNS tab here with us?, but please consider hiding/masking out the IP addresses while sharing, if so.

Please review your DNS record related to the email (mail hostname should be set to :grey: DNS-only and MX record should point to this unproxied hostname as well) as stated in the above post and linked article about Email troubleshooting and consider checking which hostname are you using at your e-mail client for sending/receiving emails.

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