Email not accepted by other domain

Not sure if this a Cloudflare issue or not. I"m checking all options.

Our email is hosted at Rackspace. All is routed through Cloudflare.

Certain domains are not accepting our emails. We do not get error responses. Rackspace says they are going through, but receivers at other domain addresses are not getting our emails. Wondering if the receiving servers are bumping them to spam?? Not sure if there’s anything I can do in Cloudflare to help this situation? Rackspace was less than helpful.

Thank you.

Can you try and link the result here?

I’m honestly not sure why mail-tester claims " Your message failed the DMARC verification". Both DKIM and SPF have passed and there don’t seem to be any alignment problems.

You could try (or should, really) to increase your DMARC policy from p=none to something stronger (p=quarantine or p=reject). A policy of p=none is really useless, as it tells the recipient to just ignore it if an email fails any of the DMARC tests. Maybe mail-tester is criticizing that p=none.
p=none may definitely result in a higher spamscore with some mailservices.

You could also do another test here: Email Deliverability Tool - Check Your Deliverability Report - MxToolBox, but I don’t really expect a different result. Please let me know if you see anything but 5 green there.
Don’t change your DMARC policy if you don’t see 5 green checks in this test.

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Thanks for all your help with this. This is the result of the test. It all looks good.

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In that case I’d try to increase the DMARC policy and see if that helps.

If that doesn’t help either, you’d have to ask the mail provider of the recipient why your mails are not delivered to them.

Excellent. I’ll def. give that a shot. My problem is one of the providers is Disney and the other is Universal Studios. Kinda big companies, so narrowing it down with them can be a challenge. haha. Thank you again for all your help.

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