Email Mx Records not working


I have a domain with 123reg I have the site working through cloudflare but I am experiencing problems with the mx records. When i added the mx records I got 1 test email come through correctly and nothing else since. I am getting the message saying that i don’t have an MX record for my root domain.

I am getting the attached errors on a test site.


Is the MX record still present in your DNS settings?
It seems that it’s falling back to your A record:


Yes they are still in the dns records, is it worth deleting and then re adding them. Should I also have a mail a record?




Hi, as far as I can see there is no MX record in your DNS records. (

  1. It looks like MarkMeyer is right. It falls back to the A-record which points to cloudflare (104.18. …). The A-record should not point to cloudflare but to your webserver at your host.

  2. You have to add a MX record to your DNS-records.

A MX record will not be cached via cloudflare. Instead it should point to your mailserver IP.
It is also possible that you need to add a TXT-record for your mailserver. Check that with your Hoster!

good luck


Thanks for the responses. I deleted the mx records and added them again and seem to be up and running now.

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