Email MX records logging in requires the server name to be the alian

so using the guides available to me I have set up an email domain com and pointed it at and left that greyed out so I have mx as domain com with mail handled by email domain com and email points at my ip.

This works fine for the most part but when I try to set up my account on my phone for instance using gmail etc it insists i login with unless i use that it doesn’t seem to work. help! :slight_smile:

Yes, you need to use the subdomain for sending and receiving email. The main domain is web browsing only. The MX record should tell senders that mail for you needs to go to the mail server at that email subdomain.

I see I was just hoping to use the main domain like I used to it was much easier to configure external applications as they self configured the sib domain way doesn’t seem to like SSL

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