Email Mx record update

Hi all,
I have issue regarding email mx record.
I am unable to send or receive mails.
Here is the screenshot

Thanku for your help

You need to turn off the proxy (orange cloud) for so it is DNS only (grey cloud). It’s not in your screen shot but I guess you have a CNAME for mail that is proxied as it’s giving Cloudflare IP addresses.

Thanks for your help
Plz guide me how to turn off the proxy

Here is the screenshot

For the A mail record, click edit. Push the orange slide switch “proxy status” so it goes grey.

Now A is showing red mark

It means where that IP address is proxied, it is now also public. It’s a warning for people that like to keep their origin IP secret. No way around that if you want to host a mail server on the origin with just that IP address since Cloudflare can’t proxy for mail.

As you’ve posted those screenshots, your origin IP isn’t a secret anyway.

Will my mail work properly now??

Thanku so much for your support.
Now it’s working

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