Email Migration to Google Mail

Need help for imap information for email migration from cloudflare webmail to google workspace.

I tried “mail.(mywebsite)” but not working.

Thanks for your help.

There’s no such thing as cloudflare webmail, can you please elaborate with more information

Please look at my webmail interface below, the domain website create from the cloudflare.

Here the settings for mail server ( the black listed is my website name ).

Email Migration1

Go under your DNS setting at Cpanel and change your MX record to google’s MX record. Also, no you cannot create or host a website under cloudflare.

The DNS settings are cloudflare, your website and email is hosted with someone else. Anyway you didnt provide enough information. No point hiding your domain name to, if you didnt hide i could still help you understand this whole concept. I can already tell you’re not an IT guy.

Domain settings already changed to Google.

All I need now is move all email on my cpanel to google mail.

I do it previously on private email host by namecheap, it just need to put “” on connection protocol and works fine.

Btw, I’m not an IT guy. just newbie :slight_smile:

There’s IMAP script online, google it. Edit the script with your cpanel mail setting and your gmail setting, it will sync the mail. I’ve done it before but it requires abit of research and programming knowledge, simple one. It’s not easy to find one but it’s out there, it’s available. I use scripts to import customers as they join my service. Yeah, i run a WHM/Cpanel server.

Go search for solution or script or codes to move your email. Cloudflare can’t moveit

The reesaon why last time you say you put works is because, privateemail is providing a service to you, they want you to join their platform easily, so on the backend they might have coded something to easily migrate your email into privateemail making you their customers.

Gmail don’t have import scripts. You understand where i’m coming from?

Also , this question is so not Cloudflare related. It’s totally out of topic, nothing to do with Cloudflare mate.



I will try on the IMAP Script.

Thank you for help :slight_smile:

That’s the script. Enjoy!

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