Email marketing plugin cant pull caced server side images

Hi Guys,

I am new to this community so please bear with me if I have done something wrong.

I am running a woocommerce website hosted on siteground and connected to Cloudflare via siteground and I have an sg_worker too (which I assume has something to do with siteground/Cloudflare integration)

Now I have an email marketing plugin connected called omnisend and for some reason the platform is unable to pull in the images from the server side to an email template that would usually automatically go to customers.

I spoke to the tech team at omnisend about this and after running some tests they sent the following explanation:

“” With further investigation, we started to check server-side of images.

For example:
as we check

at HTTP status tool - we get status code 500, the main issue is that Omnisend is not capable to fetch images from your server-side, hence it shows as 0 widths and 0 height.

Once we remove this part from URL “www” it starts to work and brings back 200, which would be fetched. “”

I did test this out myself and I do indeed get an error 500 when using the HTTP status tool they spoke about, but if I remove the “www” from the start of the URL then it works fine using the tool.

I remember this never used to be an issue until recently when we started using the worker but I could be wrong and that might not be the cause either.

Could someone more familiar with Cloudflare help me resolve this issue please?

Just to add to this, the tech team at omnisend said regarding the status code 500:

“This indicates that some certain safety might be added.
You should check this from your server side / or with cloudflare support”

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