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Hello, Please see the following: There seem to be persisting domain level issues. All the test emails I had generated are landing in the spam folders (PFA the image) this seems to be due to the SPF issue/ Authentication issue on the domain.

The issue can be checked here
How can I solve this problem?

I don’t see any issues on that page. It’s all green checkmarks.

Thanks, I have fixed those issues, but need to wait for checking. will send you further I will face any problem. Thanks again

Hi, why my email going to the spam folder?

Cloudflare does not process email. You will have to investigate the headers and your configuration to determine why. I use and to test mail deliverability.

Thanks, But I am using GoDaddy. what should I do now?

Emails are classified as spam or not spam by receiving mail server. Usually this analysis is based on SPF, DKIM, DMARC policies, content and links included in the message, attachments, sending IP reputation and other factors.

If you open the message header on the receiving side, you should be able to determine whether the email has passed authentication (look for spf=pass, dkim=pass and dmarc=pass) correctly.

Then, if emails are marked as spam by Google, take a look at their guidelines. If it’s Microsoft, then check this section of their documentation.

It always helps to ask recipients to mark your messages as not spam to help improving your reputation.

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Thanks for your help, How can I check spf=pass, dkim=pass and dmarc=pass?

First of all, you want to get a full message header. Here are the instructions for Gmail and Outlook.

Once you have the header open, locate the Authentication-Results section as defined by RFC 8601. It should look similar to this:

Authentication-Results:; dkim=pass [email protected] header.s=example header.b=AbCdEfGh; arc=pass (i=2 spf=pass dkim=pass dmarc=pass; spf=pass ( domain of [email protected] designates as permitted sender) [email protected]; dmarc=pass (p=REJECT sp=REJECT dis=NONE)

Make sure you don’t see any results like none, neutral, softfail, fail, temperror, permerror and so on. If any of the SPF, DKIM or DMARC checks don’t pass, you need to fix it.

And, if you want to learn more about it, a good place to start is wiki.

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