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Not sure if this is the right place to post,…

1-we have domain name registrar as network solutions…

2-we have our sites now hosted at wpengine…

3-we use cloudflaire for dns and have set all mx records to point to our email new g-suite acct / / gmail and seem to be getting emails after setting up alias email.

Q: prior to changing emails to g-suite our accts at cloudflaire were setup to use our old email accts which were mail dot ourdomain dot com dot netsol1 dot com and smtp dot ourdomain dot com dot netsol1 dot com which pointed back at network solutions.

do we need to change cname emails for mail and stmp at cloudflaire to mail dot ourdomain dot com and smtp dot ourname dot com dropping the netsol1 part or do we need them at all any more being all g-suite mx records have been setup at cloudflaire?

thank you for any help.

If you’re using GSuite for email, then you don’t need any mail records that point at your server.

If you post a picture of your Cloudflare DNS page, we can take a closer look. It’s ok if you black out the IP addresses.

thank you since we are pointing emails from our sites to g suite we n longer need cname records for ea

ch acct like this snippet from our cloudflaire dns records? see attached…

Definitely get rid of those if you are no longer using NetSol for email.

THANK YOU. waa not sure if they were needed anymore at cloudflare or if we just dropped the netsol part. Will remove and test one then do rest. Thank you so much.

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