Email login issues

Hello all!

After setting up the cloudflare and changing the DNS servers some of the email users started reporting that their email client (Outlook,Thunderbird and alike) has connectivity issues - the email client says it cannot connect to the mail server.

Can it be related to Cloudflare or it is just a coincidence?


Hi @jacek3,

As long as your mail records are not proxied and the mail client is connecting directly to a :grey: hostname and not an :orange: one, Cloudflare shouldn’t be the issue here.

So some of the users use just “” which is proxied and some use something like “”. It seems that the problem exists for the first case. Is it possible to proxy only “www.domain” and not “domain”?

It is possible, you can change the :orange: next to any of the records you want, however you will then lose any Cloudflare benefits there. It may be best to get everyone connecting via the mail hostname if possible and have that :grey:.

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