Email log ... refused to talk to me ... no PTR record for

Sounds simple enough, just add a PTR record using Cloudflare DNS … looked at cloudflare articles on this but cannot get it to work. The scenario we have is …

Webserver hiding behind cloudfare - website accessible, great
DNS A record points to mydomain com 111 222 111 222

Mail server on another server.
DNS A record – webmail 112 222 111 222 (horde accessible)
DNS A record – mail mydomain com 112 222 111 222
DNS MX record – mail mydomain com 112 222 111 222
DNS PTR record – 112 222 111 222 mail mydomain com (also tried

What am I missing here?
Do I need another nameserver just for the mail PTR stuff?

You can’t get a PTR record for a Cloudflare IP address. And to get a PTR record for a server, you have to do this at the host, as PTR records are tied to the hosting hardware.

In the example I gave the PTR record is for the mailserver IP address, not cloudserver IP. Sorry, if I did not make myself plain …

Cloudserver IP 111 222 111 222 (for the website)
Mailserver IP 112 222 111 222

I’ve tried to follow the instructions here:

Are you saying I need another DNS nameserver just for the PTR record.
Do I need to install a nameserver on the mailserver?

No. You nee to ask your ISP or hosting provider.
Only the owner of this IP can set a PTR.


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