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Apologies in advance, I am not 100% certain where this topic best fits.

Since moving my site over to Cloudflare I have two issues:

  1. I cannot send or receive email from info or [email protected]
  2. My customers do not receive emails after purchasing through links on this page (for example, there are four other pages, but the purchase links are the same)

My site is wordpress based and I have had zero issues like this until I moved to Cloudflare. Pretty keen to resolve this as soon as possible, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

You have configured as server for incoming email. Is that the correct address?

Hi Sandro,

Thanks for the reply.

Just an update for anyone else with similar problems: I’ve researched that the issue is with Cloudflare and PayPal IPN’s not working together.

For my use case, it’s simply not worth the hassle to have Cloudflare on my site as all these extra configurations and time spent dealing with everything so I simply set my nameservers back to how they were initially and removed Cloudflare from my site.

Everything is now working again as it was.

I feel a key message to Cloudflare here is if you are wanting more clients to use the free software with a view to upgrading to a purchased plan it needs to be waaaaay more clearer what settings need to be configured and how to do so. In particular if the site you are adding Cloud Flare to is a ecommerce site! I lost three days of sales due to this.

Further info :slight_smile:

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See this is too complex for a lot of people (and nowhere is it indicated during sign up that this would be necessary). For me, it’s not worth the hassle and downtime.

Well, it is a technical subject and while there can be certainly a discussion if the documentation can be improved in some areas, it wont change the fact that one needs to have some sort of background experience when dealing with it.

At the risk of sounding blunt :), if it is too much of a hassle either dont use the service or delegate it to someone with the required experience.

That’s exactly what I’m saying, the documentation needs improving. I mean if this was spelt out at the commencement of adding Cloudflare to a site there would be no downtime and no problem. Instead I had to deal with customers complaining about things I were not even aware were happening. Frustrated? Yep. Could it have been avoided? Most definitely.

Again, there can always be such a discussion and there will be different point of views. I believe it is pretty clear overall.

At this point it is not even clear what your problem was. Your description has been way too vague.

I rest my case. :slight_smile:

And so for anyone else reading this: email, Cloudflare, Wordpress and PayPay IPN’s do not play together.

That is blatantly incorrect. Apologies for being blunt, but you apparently simply did not configure it properly.

Well if you can afford the time spent needed to config everything to work together, then yes you are correct. Perhaps I should have added “…unless you are willing to tweak and test everything…”

Look at the top three results when searching “ipn” and “Cloudflare”:

[quote=“bjwok, post:11, topic:19375”]
Well if you can afford the time spent needed to config everything to work together, then yes you are correct.[/quote]

Changes to an infrastructure always require testing, especially when it is something as fundamental as introducing a proxying middle tier.

Fair enough, but what is your point? That you might run into problems if you point your Paypal service URLs to a service designed to filter requests? Thats not much of a surprise :wink: Those should probably go directly to your server.

Also, I wonder how that is connected to email and Wordpress.

I understand you had difficulties, but there is little point it screaming that Cloudflare is not working when your configuration is improperly set up. Among other things, this is what this community is for, to help when there are issues of that sort but as you immediately reverted back you didnt seem that much interested in a solution but rather in a rant.

This is the last I will say on the matter as you seem pretty keen to discredit me on all fronts and there’s better things to do than argue with someone on the internet.

  1. My wordpress hosted site and emails associated with that domain worked fine up until I started using Cloudflare.
  2. My ecommerce solution on that site (which utilises PayPal as it’s merchant) worked fine up until I added Cloudflare.

After investigating the reasons why both of these happened I now understand that (out of the box), Email, Cloudflare, Wordpress and PayPay IPN’s do not play together.

Now, as you have said “this is what this community is for, to help when there are issues” here’s my advice to the community: for anyone else in a similar situation to me I would recommend not to use Cloudflare unless you are content with downtime and angry customers.

It appears you are - intentionally or not - twisting reality here a bit. It is not me trying to discredit you, but you attempting to bash Cloudflare out of your inability to maintain DNS settings.

What I was trying to do was figure out what your problem was and help you but instead of taking up that offer you reverted to your old settings and chose to put the blame on Cloudflare.

As you have chosen not to assist in debugging the issue, it is not impossible to say what happened but the most likely scenario is that your emails still did arrive - contrary to what you claimed - but you could not access them anymore as you changed the IP of your mail server to Cloudflare’s infrastructure.

Hundreds of people have their mail and web servers running behind Cloudflare without problems, so it is unlikely that your very own scenario would be the one exception that does not work.

Customer? Do I understand you are on a paid plan?

And no, you are not doing the community a service by “helping” it with deliberate wrong disinformation, you are proving the earlier point, though, that you are out to bash Cloudflare.

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This community was build for users to help each other. And yes, it would help others with similar issues.

However. Most of us are customers (free or paid) and don’t have access to the accounts to gain more inforamtion about a DNS setup or settings in your Cloudflare panel. So we need assistance by the thread openers and as much Info as possible.

Sure here’s Cloudflare staff around and jumping into threads and try to help but not 24/7.

We’d be happy to assist you @bjwok but therefore we would have needed more information.

From my point of view any further post might result in more bashing user against user against Cloudflare.
this is pointless and leads to … nothing.

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