Email issues started two days ago


We’ve been having issues with emails since the 6th. No changes were performed anywhere (Namsilo or Cloudflare or Office 365).

Looking at MXToolbox, we had a LOT of errors or Warning. I got most of them resolved by… adding the A, MX, SPF to NameSilo’s DNS configuration… even though it clearly states that since I’m not using their DNS, my changes are useless (and oh boy are they asking me to put back their DNS - which i refused every time).

Since I did that, I was able to send emails to an address that would consistently refuse them for “PTR missing” reasons. Note that no PTR record was created on Namesilo or Cloudflare.

The 5 remaining problems pertain to DMARC (which I created but replication is slow today) or “SOA”:

SOA Serial number format is invalid
SOA Expire Value out of recommended range (2033)

I’ve assumed the issue to be on Cloudflare’s side since nothing was touched and yet all ■■■■ broke loose on the 6th, but getting a confirmation from Cloudflare was impossible.

Anybody had similar issues?



Hi @user5643, sorry for the troubles. For delivery issues, good #Tutorials here, Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare, perhaps start with item 4 in that #Tutorials.

Hmm, :thinking: the problem started a month ago, I see this post today and a ticket only from two days ago that is currently active. I think I’m missing the impossible part.

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