Email Issues After Deleting

I had my site working fine on Cloudflare. I had issues with software and liquidweb wanted me to take if off Cloudflare so while toggling the pause I accidentally deleted the site from Cloudflare. When I set it up again the auto fill in created an email issue. It’s the same email issue we had before. Some people sending us email get bounces. Is there any way to get my old setting back from when I accidentally deleted it? That would really help. I am not familiar with all the settings in the DNS which took me some time to get correct before. It would really help if I could get the old setting before I deleted it accidentally.

You can search your historical records here
All that information should have been provided by your hosting company at some point.
If third party emails are not arriving to your inbox, then that would be the mail filters on your host.
If your outgoing mail doesn’t arrive to their inbox, spend some time adding the correct DMARC, SPF records (DKIM if available) to Cloudflare DNS.
To test outgoing mail, send a test email here and they’ll provide some suggestions to improve your mail.

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