Email issues after connecting to cloudflare

Hello Cloudflare, Admins; my apologies in advance if this topic is not in the right category.

I am having issues with my email. I am able to receive or send only certain emails to providers. EX; gmail,. hotmail and such all work but an e-transfer does not.

looking at the DNS record I see everything is added properly and from the tutorial video I didn’t see anything that i needed to add.

Your help is much appreciated.

I’m not sure what an “e-transfer” is, but if it’s stopped working, it’s likely due to trying to connect to a proxied hostname, such as your for a non-http/s service.

thank you @sdayman

the AAAA mail was set to peroxide and i did change that to DNS only. However, I am still not able to receive emails from certain email providers. Only from known email providers like gmail, hotmail and such. FYI, I don’t have any filters set under firewall so i know this is a DNS setup issue.

It’s quite possible it’s an IPv6 issue, as you don’t have an “A” record for ‘mail’. I bet the major providers don’t have a problem with IPv6, but smaller ones might be IPv4 only.


thank you, It only gives me a IPv4 option in the box. does this matter or do i need to talk to my hosting provider and get a ipv6 ip?

You need an IPv4 address from your host. Is mail in the same hosting as the website? They typically have the same IP address.

A requires require IPv4 addresses to resolve to… AAAA require IPv6 addresses. That is the distinction between the two types of records.

You could try setting a CNAME to resolve to a record that points to your AAAA, I suppose.

That’d still be an IPv6 connection.

Correct although Cloudflare does provide IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to end users when proxying a CNAME record - end users don’t actually see it as a true CNAME. In this case, it is probably not an option due to ports other than 80/443 that will be needed.

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Absolutely correct.

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So should i create a CNAME? I ask this as I already have a AAAA in place?

Thank you in advance for the advices.

That will do nothing to help your situation. Start with an IPv4 address.

sry im new with this whole thing. Could you explain me what to do or what you mean with “Start with an IPv4 address.”

As stated earlier:

ok, i take that would be the same ip address as the as that is my static ip address.
the host provider mentioned to add a A type but when i try to do that it gives me an error that it already exist. however, i don’t see this on the list.

This is where i was told to talk with someone at cloudflare.

kind of lost on what to do now?

The AAAA entry for ‘mail’ shouldn’t conflict, but if you can’t a :grey: DNS Only “A” record for ‘mail’, then delete the AAAA record and try again.

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looking at AAAA there are multiple entires in there. it has an MX which is set to I believe this is for my contact form. There are also other TXT entries which is for my google analytics and such.

I have a feeling deleting this would break my contact form on my website.

My question is, would i be able to get a backup before deleting and adding?

Thank you for helping me out. I just added the A record and will see if this fixed the issue.

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