Email issue not sure what you need to know to help

I am not sure what you will need to know to help me so sorry if the information is missing. I will try and include things that seem relevant to me.

I was/am hosted with 24host I switched to Cloudflare to speed up my site, it has worked great, however, I had to renew my security certificate which I attempted to do yesterday. The security certificate appears to have renewed just fine. The website is working as it should and I have the little green padlock (the site is

When I attempt to send or receive emails using this domain I get these errors:

My host said, “It looks like Cloudflare is still doing something to force this record to HTTPS can you turn this feature off for just the record?” I clicked the cloud next to the A name, mail and that didn’t change anything. I then removed the record and that didn’t work. I readded the A name making sure the cloud was grey and then I came here as I realised, I have no idea what I am doing as I don’t even know what the problem is.

I know that no one with an email address can get their emails on any device. The emails are arriving as we can access the mail directly on the host website (its called webmail not sure if you need to know this).

Thank you for looking and any help and advice you can give will be very much appreciated.

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