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I have migrated my website to cloud flare last week but not able to receive or send any emails.
Website registered with godaddy and hosted with hostgator. Have changed name server to cloudflare provided ( & in my go daddy account it does show coludflare name servers there. But in cloud flare account NS still shows hostgator.
I tried to edit NS but get error code : 1004.
I also tried to look up thru icann but get error - TLD_NOT_SUPPORTED.
Web address -
Please assist, I am going in right direction in resolving issue. I have gone thru heaps of post to rectify my issue but no luck. Please

Your domain is set up fine for Cloudflare. There’s no need to use an NS record in DNS.

Your MX record looks good because it’s not set to :orange:, but here are some email configuration tips:

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Thankyou sdayman. Email is working ok now after changing server setting in Thunderbird to I have also disable my “wp mail smtp” plugin to make it work. Is there any tips available on configuring “wp mail smtp” and using gmail settings in it to send/receive emails.
What records need to be add if I want to use plugin and use gmail/g suite to send emails please ?

Hi @ravish.malik,

In terms of the plugin, assuming you specified your domain name before, if you change that to as you did in Thunderbird, that should work.

If you are configuring it in an existing Gmail account, you can just add the account as normal and just specify the mail. hostname again. If you are looking to configure GSuite, you do that as normal and change your MX records in Cloudflare.

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