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After active I am not able to use my mail as per attached error, I want only to use CDN to my website how I can escape email configuration

You cannot exclude specific ports or paths from Cloudflare. You will have to put webmail on a subdomain.

Thanks Sir for your reply could you please elaborate how I can fix this issue

Create a new unproxied DNS record on e.g. pointing to CPanel. Then setup in CPanel and configure it to serve webmail.


Thanks for your reply, i done the job as you mentioned but still it is not working, please advise

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i am waiting for your advise and support

You have to create an unproxied DNS record on pointing to your CPanel instance. Then setup as a domain in CPanel and configure it to serve the webmail interface. I don’t use CPanel myself so I cannot help. You will have to consult the CPanel documentation for how to add virtual hosts.

The Cloudflare DNS screenshot shows MX records pointed to Google, which leaves me confused as to why there is another screenshot of email user management in cPanel. I would expect all mailbox user management needs to be performed in the Google Workspace dashboard, not cPanel.

The first thing you should probably determine is whether you will be using Google Workspace or cPanel for your email. Despite neither being my first choice, I have a higher opinion of Google Workspace email than cPanel email, but I am not involved in your decision making process.

Questions about Google Workspace will be best handled by your Google partner and your webhost should be able to provide assistance with cPanel questions.

Dear Sir,
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Thanks for your reply, I would like to setup to cPanel and I will delete Google, could you please advise the steps to set my email to cPanel

Follow the guidance provided by @albert

Afterward replace your Gmail MX records with ones that point to your new :grey: cPanel name.

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