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I’m currently using the “acumbamail” service to manage the sending of email campaigns and I’ve just realized that the opening rate is very poor, apparently many emails aren’t getting through. In my search, I found that the “DKIM” was not configured.
So I added it by going to “record”, “add record”, Type: “CNAME”, Name: “(name given by acumbamail)”, Address: “(address given by acumbamail (”.
Once registered, I waited 48 hours, checked in acumbamail and the registration was apparently not taken into account.
I did the same thing, choosing “TXT” for the Type.
What should I do? Do I need to contact my web host (Infomaniak)?
Thank you very much for your help.

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Make sure the DKIM CNAMEs are set to :grey: DNS Only.


Thank you very much! I just made the change, fingers crossed it works ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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After waiting for the indicated delay for the change to be taken into account the DKIM has apparently still not been detected and is not taken into account by my emaling tool :confused:
The CNAMEs pointing to my host are still on “Proxied”, I’ve only changed those corresponding to my Dkim (otherwise there’s a security problem, apparently). Do you have any idea where the problem might be coming from ?

You don’t need to wait that long. You can query the authoritative servers almost immediately after you make any change.

If you would like Community members to report on the reqults of such queries, please share your domain name and the records you were asked to create so that we may test.


Okay, thank you very much! My domain name is “” and the Dkim features are :
Host/Name: “”
Type : "CNAME
Value : “
Here are screenshots of the requested settings


$ dig +noall +auth 300 IN NS 300 IN NS

These two NS records are delegating all of “” (including it’s sub-domains), and sending it towards Infomaniak’s two name servers.

That would mean to have any effect of changes on “”, or any of it’s sub-domains, including, but not limited to e.g. “”, the change would need to be made on Infomaniak’s end, with the current set up.

However, it appears that Infomaniak’s name servers do not even respond to DNS queries for that delegation:

$ dig @
; EDE: 22 (No Reachable Authority): (at delegation
; EDE: 23 (Network Error): ([2001:1600:0:aaaa::3]:53 rcode=REFUSED for A)
$ dig @
; EDE: 23 (Network Error): ([] rcode=REFUSED for
; EDE: 23 (Network Error): ([] rcode=REFUSED for
; EDE: 23 (Network Error): ([2001:1600:0:aaaa::3] rcode=REFUSED for
; EDE: 22 (No Reachable Authority): (At delegation for

As such, …

I would delete that two NS records from your Cloudflare configuration, that is pointing “” towards “” and “”.


Thank you ! It was a bit complicated to set up Cloudflare with Infomaniak (my site was taken offline). Isn’t there a risk that my site will be offline again if I delete these 2 NS records ?


  1. Your website have no relation to those records, unless you browse using something like “”, or “”, or any other address that ends with “”, which sounds very unlikely.

  2. As the DNS, as demonstrated above, does not work for “”, things that would eventually break with the deletion of those NS records, would already be broken right now.


Thank you very much ! It works well, and sorry for the questions, technically I really do not master. I couldn’t have done it without your help and @DarkDeviL, thank you !


Glad to hear that!

You don’t need to apologize for that. Asking, just like you did, is the thing you should do, in such situations!

You’re welcome!

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